FRAGRANTICA : Editor’s Favorite Perfumes of 2022

by Raluca Kirschner on, December 19th 2022

2022 – the year my love for perfumes ran havoc again. During the pandemic and after the birth of my second child, I had a long phase of olfactive apathy. There were real reasons behind this: my hormones needed time to go back to normal levels, the sleeplessness took its toll on me, and then, when things began to fall into place again, I caught Covid 19, losing my sense of smell completely for a month. Enough! I pushed myself hard to overcome this, and I gradually regained myself. Soon after, I started a gym routine that brought me a lot of strength and confidence, also helping my love for perfumes to bloom anew.

The department stores fully opened, and it was really nice to go back to the real retail experience. I still ordered samples a couple of times online, when I read about new scents impossible to test in London (which is quite rare, thank God), but otherwise, I enjoyed perusing alone or with my hubby (who is also a perfume collector) and our son through London’s perfumeries and I felt my passion for scents increasing even more than before. 

I was literally drenching myself in new perfumes, inhaling deeply the ‘white’ smell of mixed perfumes again, over-enthusiastically spraying hundreds of blotters only to get frustrated at home because I couldn’t remember which beauty was what (does this happen to you too?) and this whole experience gave me a lot of input.

The variety of new fragrances was impressive this year. Let’s look at the glorious fragrances I discovered in 2022 : 




Sinfully delicious.

This one is an olfactory treat that satisfies my sweet cravings well. It blends the terms sweet and sexy by mixing the patisserie notes with a teasing touch of resins while the traces of cardamon spice up the whole atmosphere. After mingling with my skin, it becomes powdery, and I feel sick if I don’t have it! This is a refined and grown-up gourmand. People will be in awe and admiration when you wear it, which will turn into respect for your great sense of fragrance:). 


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