FRAGRANTICA: Gentle Fusion – New fragrance by CZAR Parfum

by Sergey Borisov, on fragrantica, April 1st 2024

“Last year, the Kuwaiti company CZAR Parfums began to cooperate with famous Western perfumers: this is how the Nathalie Feisthauer Collection came into being.

CZAR Nathalie Feisthauer

In March 2024 the collection was enriched with a new fragrance created by Nathalie – it is called Gentle Fusion CZAR, and in my opinion, it is closer to men’s tastes, although it is declared being for men and women. There is something so cold, severe and restrained in it, which makes it close to masculines. Let’s try to understand the effect in the review.

Gentle Fusion starts with bright transparent citruses and coriander, with a distinct fresh green apple tinge – there are quite a lot of allusions in the start. Either Sauvage Dior, as well as Green Irish Tweed Creed, and numerous “blue fougères” that grew like mushrooms after the life-giving rain of the first Cool Water Davidoff, and then fertilized by the success of Bleu de Chanel.

gentle fusion czar

In general, the beginning is sparkling and fruity-spicy, extremely expected and energetic, doomed to be popular. Such fragrances perfectly continue the bright freshness of your shower gel in a gray or blue bottle, which leaves its scent on your body after a morning shower. A little later cardamom shows itself, nicely accenting the carnation-geranium background and its white clean shade of soaps and shower gels – the spicy fougere develops according to its own rules.

At its heart, Gentle Fusion seems closer to Alien Man Mugler, equally spicy, clean and floral sweet. That known aquatic accord only reveals itself when the spices and fruits subside. But what is surprising is that next to it (directly after) the bitter smoke of roasted coffee beans appears quietly on the white background – not for a long time and with no support, dissipating in half an hour.

Gentle Fusion CZAR

The base of Gentle Fusion is cloudy gray and metallic-bitter, familiar from some men’s fragrances of the 1990s, combining powdery and slightly fruity musk with coumarin and woody notes. The sillage leaves an impression of a clean white shirt and office clothes out of the dry-cleaners, with the idea that the owner uses fragrances normally, but only in the morning and not overloading those around him with his fragrant projection. And the key element in the construction of the plume is a gray and translucent suede material, Suederal, soft and extra plumped by Cashmeran (probably portfolio leather?).

gentle fusion czar


Top notes: Green notes, Bergamot, Cardamom and Lemon
Middle notes: Aquatic notes, Rose, Cedar and Amberwood
Base notes: Leather, Patchouli, Ambroxan, Vetiver, Musk and Tonka Bean.”

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