CAFLEUREBON : TOP TEN Perfumes of 2022, Ermano Picco and Michelyn Camen

by Michelyn Camen and Ermano Picco on, December 26th 2022

Michelyn and Ermano’s Top Ten Perfumes of 2022

In Part 1, Editor Ermano Picco and I began with an overview of the best perfumes as well as the top trends of 2022. Ermano lives in Milan and I live in New York City. We haven’t seen each other in three years!!! Often, I am asked is there a difference between how people from different countries judge perfumes? This year there are only two overlaps, but I believe it’s based on access more than anything. In no particular order, we present our top ten perfumes of 2022 and my 15 honorable mentions. –Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Ermano’s Top Ten Perfumes of 2022 collage by Emmanuelle


Zoologist Cow (Nathalie Feisthauer): I must be honest: I was expecting from Cow a monolithic load of condensed milk blended with sticky caramel and heavy notes reminiscent of treats and cakes. That’s probably how many would have played it but no, not Zoologist founder Victor Wong and perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer. Cow is a lighthearted green floral with such a mellow drydown bringing ingenuously happy vibes that succeeds at getting me back to childhood. Spray, inspire, and smile. -Ermano

Michelyn’s Top Ten (11) Perfumes of 2022 (nine here because of the above overlap with Ermano) collage by Emmanuelle

Firstly, this was an exceptional year for artisan and independent perfumery. I had a lot of difficulty narrowing it down to 10, plus 15 honorable mentions. What they all had in common was the way they made me feel….-Michelyn


Der Duft Privilege (Nathalie Feisthauer): It is a privilege to name this as one of my top ten perfumes of 2022. It is the best Der Duft to date, composed by Nathalie Feisthauer who is also one of my best perfumers of 2022, literally arriving to me less than two weeks ago. This is why I wait to the last moments of the year before finalizing my list. It is a green scent at the top, initially with a burst of galbanum. It mellows and shifts with sea notes that are more mineralic than aquatic, but at the core of Privilege, is a mélange of fruits, soft woods and musk. If Privilege was a path, it takes me to a happy place. One I have only visited in my imagination-Michelyn

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