About Tar…

Forced fun is the worst crap in the world but I love you perfume people. So this morning I sprayed on @commedesgarconsparfum #tar (2004, by @nathaliefeisthauer) and laid down in the middle of the road outside my house to take a shitty #smellfie for @fragrancefoundation’s #fragranceday. Tar’s one of those #perfumes that if you don’t know, you at least know about. And it’s one that once you know it, you feel like you can wear it all the time…but you probably shouldn’t—both because CdG’s taken it away from us before and because you really don’t *need* to be smelling like bitumen, vinyl, printer toner, smog and the underside of a hot baseball cap at the end of the day after you’ve sweated all up in it and it’s stanky and needs to dry out (which, IMO, is one of the sexiest smells ever, but I’m a gross faggot so I can’t blame anyone for being against me on this one).

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