Vogue : Summer’s Best Fragrances Will Take You on a Trip (Tokyo Blue)

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It’s hard to imagine summer without the thrill of travel. But while 2020’s socially distant season makes many of the traditional getaways an impossibility, there are still ways to channel those pleasures. A great fragrance can be an experience that transports you through notes culled from a specific region, thoughtful homages to a perfumer’s home, and pure nostalgia that makes the most of our scent memory and imagination. The right combination of flowers can reveal visions of sand, surf, and garden parties, taking wearers back to their last trip or pushing them toward the next.

The latest releases from designer brands and niche houses understand fragrance’s ability to connect with specific locations. United by their transportive quality and unexpected ingredients, they deliver precisely the kind of adventurous new experience meant for summer.


Chris Collins: Tokyo Blue


The illumination of Tokyo’s Shibuya Blue Cave is a winter tradition sought after by thousands, but Chris Collins’s fragrant interpretation of it is fit for all seasons. The male model who served as the face of Ralph Lauren for two decades turned his talents to perfumery, and the results are impressive. The fresh mix of ylang-ylang, bergamot, and violet leaf appeals to men and women in equal measure. Sexy yet clean, it brims with energy befitting a city that moves at the speed of light.

Gucci: A Midnight Stroll


Who says a summer scent has to be light and airy? Gucci’s Moroccan cade-wood-and-incense-focused Midnight Stroll delves into darker territory with an ode to after hours. Perfumer Alberto Morillas and designer Alessandro Michele explored the idea of nightlife via intense and arboraceous notes. Anyone missing the thrill of dancing the night away—on the tabletops of Le Bar Churchill in Marrakech, perhaps—needs to take a whiff of this.