FRAGRANTICA : [Esxence 2024] Mono Cachemire: the musky score of L’Orchestre Parfum

by Sophie Normand, on, March 13th 2024

During February, L’Orchestre Parfum unveiled Mono Cachemire in preview in Paris. The twelfth “olfactory melody” in the range, signed Nathalie Feisthauer, which the brand also presented at Esxence. A new product that interprets the intoxicating sound of Kick Lo-Fi around a second-skin musk. 

An ode to synaesthesia, each fragrance from L’Orchestre Parfum features a piece of music. Place here the slow, blurred sound, twisted with vinyl crackling, of Kick Lo-Fi, which this twelfth opus embodies through a caressing and enveloping musk. Like a cashmere veil that rests on the skin. 

A novelty born from a constant dialogue between Pierre Guguen, the founder of the brand, and perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer (who had already signed Electro Limonade for the brand in 2020). The idea of ​​working around a musk quickly emerged, through modern and elegant writing. At the origin of Mono Cachemire , ambrettolide, one of Nathalie Feisthauer’s favorite materials, which she appreciates for its soft and sophisticated side. “ A musk of luminous, subtle sensuality, which avoids the pitfall of the heavy side, too openly carnal, that certain musks can give off ” explained Nathalie at the show. Through Mono Cachemire, she wanted to create an airy and enveloping musk at the same time, which makes you want to curl up in it. 

To do this, she played with aldehydes, pink berries, a touch of pear and carrot seed, to fill this musk with light. Sambac jasmine absolute prolongs radiance, while providing texture. The accord is based on a woody bed (cedar, ambroxan). Aldehydes were essential, to embody the synthetic side of the machines used for lo-fi, but also to enhance the natural roundness of the musks. While preserving their comfortable and padded softness. 

The perfume gives off something light and dense at the same time, round and vaporous, like the cashmere sweater or veil that inspired it. The whole oscillates between the clarity of pear, aldehydes, and darker woody base notes. Between the iridescent amount of carrot seed at the top, and the creamy roundness of musk, the velvety side of cashmeran. A sensual and cozy trail, enveloping and impalpable at the same time, like a second skin. 

If it is part of the current trend for musks, intimate or comforting perfumes, Mono Cachemire is distinguished by a fairly identifiable signature. A contemporary musk, with woody inflections in the evolution (but not sandaly-milky), carried by the subtle and elegant writing of Nathalie Feisthauer

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