THE STREET SCENT launches Last Last

In March 2024, THE STREET SCENT launches Last Last.

A fragrance dedicated to music, memories, artistry, and the culture. Inspired by the street culture and lifestyle in Lagos Nigeria and Burna Boy music Last Last.

‘I wanted to show that in perfumery there is no limit. For me designing fragrance is a form of art where I can express freedom in my designs and identify perfumes with people and culture’

In this fragrance, Asukwo captures the street culture of Lagos, the resilience of its people yet the party, night life and more especially the lifestyles of artists living in the most cultural, art and entertainment capital in Africa.

These memories brought back by Burna Boy music Last Last gave birth to this fragrance. Last Last fragrance is the fusion of Art, Music, People and Culture into a fragrance and a memory of Lagos in a bottle.

‘This fragrance is of the street, for the street and by the street’ and showcase The Street Scent commitment to delivering an immersive fragrance experience for everyone.

Top notes: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Cannabis Accord 

Heart notes: Geranium, White Wine lie oil, Angelic root

Base notes: Roasted Oakwood absolute – Whiskey Barrel, Cashmere, Incense Resinoid, Birch Tar Smoky

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