We are happy to announce Place de la Rêverie launches Passion Riviera & Santal de Paris.

Santal De Paris

“Top notes: Lilies, Amyris
Heart notes: powdery notes, ambrette
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, amber, ambroxan, benzoin

The unctuous softness of Sandalwood is dressed in Parisian elegance. Santal De Paris is a sophisticated score that marries the refined softness of ambrette, the carnal glow of amber and the sensuality of vanilla, hemmed in with benzoin.

An enveloping perfume extract whose majestic aura invites us to dream, in the image of the sumptuous palaces of the City of Light.

Santal De Paris is a tribute to the timeless charm of Parisian glamour. Its thousand nuances of powder, wood and amber sparkle like the rippling reflections of the Seine.”

Passion Riviera

“Top notes: Pear, orange blossom, heliotrope
Heart notes: Jasmine, vanilla, rose
Base notes: Oud Vietnam essence, tonka bean, musks

Passion Riviera is a perfume extract that depicts the bewitching chiaroscuro of a sunset on the Côte D’Azur. A play of contrasts, between the freshness of peach and orange blossom, and the dark notes of precious Agarwood. Between the radiance of white flowers and the intensity of woods, Passion Riviera captures the magical fusion of day and night. That suspended moment when the nocturnal stars invite themselves into the azure horizon.

It’s in this chiaroscuro that the beginnings of a story take shape. Rose, jasmine and orange blossom infuse the fragrance with the magic of first moments. These beginnings take place in the heart of the colorful alleys of the South, whose softness extends into the evening, facing the sea.”

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