Parfums MDCI and fine art

by: Sergey Borisov, Fragrantica

The new Parfums MDCI project has matured in the head of Claude Marchal, art director and owner of the Parisian brand. Tired of answering the question “What inspired you to create a fragrance?” he decided to provide an answer to it on the packaging and bottles of the fragrances.
So Mr. Marchal chose several famous paintings from museum collections, guided only by his own artistic taste, and invited several perfumers to create fragrances based on the emotions that they (the perfumers) feel in front of a certain canvas.
All four paintings show men, each with their own character and mood, in their own epoch, their surroundings and circumstances (Venice, the battlefield in Europe, France and Britain) but the vision of perfumers can be anything. Monsieur Marchal has already approved three out of the four perfumes, the fourth is still in the works, but it should be ready for the spring of 2019.

 L’Homme aux Gants

The first fragrance is dedicated to the Titian picture “A Man with a Glove” (c. 1520,) which belongs to the Louvre collection, and is located on the first floor, in the Mona Lisa Hall, right opposite this famous painting.

The fragrance name is L’Homme aux Gants, and it was created by Nathalie Feisthauer. She defined her creation as “soft oud,” and we are not going to argue. We will only supplement this definition with our sensations. So, the fragrance seemed ….

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