INSTAGRAM LIVE : Eternalscentjourney in conversation with Nathalie Feisthauer

by eternalscentjourney on, February 18th 2022

“It makes me very happy to announce that I will be bringing Nathalie Feisthauer ( @nathaliefeisthauer ) live on my channel. ⁣

⁣I have been in touch with her since a long time and have been planning it for a while. My conversations with her have been nothing but warm and insightful. ⁣⁣

She is someone who needs no introduction and neither do her creations. She is someone who is celebrated in the industry and her creations have been recognized on many different platforms. ⁣⁣Apart from her journey as a perfumer, we will be speaking about her latest work for brands like @astrophilstellaperfume, @indult_official, @les_parfumeurs_du_monde @maisoncrivelli & @thesocietyofscent
⁣We will also be speaking about her upcoming work for Zoologist and some other brands.⁣”

Live instagram :